In order to protect your child’s teeth from disease and cavities, we recommend your child receives dental sealants at Provo Pediatric Dentistry. Dental sealants are a preventative treatment that is very effective at keeping teeth healthy. Dental sealants work by bonding a plastic material to the pits and folds in the tooth surface which keeps food particles and bacteria from becoming stuck on the tooth. These are areas of the tooth which are normally hard to reach with a toothbrush and are susceptible to cavities. Dr. Lund and Dr. Markham then use a special light to cure the plastic.

Dental sealants are minimally invasive and comfortable and will not affect your daily habits in any way.
The procedure of placing dental sealants is a comfortable one that does not require any drilling.

Sealants will wear away naturally over time, but with proper dental hygiene techniques, they should last about five years on average. We may recommend having teeth resealed in the future to offer continued protection against cavities. Dental sealants are suggested for premolars and molars that do not have decay or fillings.

For more information about dental sealants in Provo, Utah, please contact our office to speak with a member of our dental team.