Fillings are one of the most common treatments that we provide here at Provo Pediatric Dentistry. When your child comes in for a dental exam, our dentists will examine the teeth for any signs of damage and decay. This damage is commonly known as a cavity. If a cavity is discovered, there are a variety of treatment options that Dr. Lund and Dr. Markham may suggest depending upon your child’s individual needs. Dental fillings are the most common treatment option to restore teeth that have been damaged. First the cavity is cleaned of disease and the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the filling. Then the filling material is placed on the tooth and we will have your child back to regular activities quickly.

It is important to diagnose and treat cavities early in their development so that they do not progress. If not properly treated, your child may need a root canal or an extraction in the future.

We strive to make the filling process as comfortable as possible, and make every attempt to keep children preoccupied and entertained throughout the process of receiving a filling.

For more information about dental fillings in Provo, Utah, please contact our office to learn more. We look forward to giving you a healthy smile!