An improperly aligned bite can result in a variety of dental problems. A misaligned smile can be aesthetically unattractive as well as pose many risks to the health of the teeth. When a bite is not correctly aligned, it will often cause the force of the bite to be unevenly distributed, putting unnecessary stress on certain teeth. This can lead to cracks and fractures developing in those teeth over time if the bite is not adjusted. Misalignment can also cause pain and sensitivity to teeth, gums, and soft tissue. Two of the most common bite problems that we see on a regular basis are overbite and underbite.

If your child has a visible overbite or underbite, is experiencing any painful symptoms when chewing, or feeling consistent pain throughout the day we encourage you to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Lund and Dr. Markham.

Bite adjustments can protect against symptoms such as loose or shifting teeth, teeth grinding, headaches, toothaches, and sensitive teeth.

To learn more about how your child can benefit from a bite adjustment in Provo, Utah, we welcome you to contact our office and speak with a helpful member of our Provo Pediatric Dentistry team. We strive to give you a healthy smile!