Athletic mouth guards are vital pieces of equipment no matter what sport you are participating in. Each year, five million teeth are knocked out, but this number could be significantly reduced if everyone was wearing an athletic mouth guard. Science and statistics show that a person is 60 times more likely to lose a tooth from impact if they are not wearing an athletic mouth guard. Well-fitting athletic mouth guards also protect against trauma from collision and greatly decrease your chance of receiving a concussion as a result.

Many of your children’s athletic leagues will require an athletic mouth guard to be worn in compliance with league rules. We encourage you to visit Provo Pediatric Dentistry and we will be happy to help you find a compliant athletic mouth guard that is the best option for your child. Unlike generic store-bought mouth guards, our dentists can take impressions of your child’s teeth in order to create custom mouth guards that will be comfortable to wear. It is our goal to make sure you stay in the middle of the action all season long.

Even if you are just participating in recreational athletics on your own, we still recommend wearing a mouth guard for any sport where there may be contact. Even a game of touch football can lead to incidental injury, as can many sports with such a fast pace. To learn more about how to get a custom athletic mouth guard in Provo, Utah, we invite you to contact 801-373-4200 to set up your appointment.