Trace M. Lund, DDS

I was 12 years old when I decided I wanted to be a dentist. I was blessed to have a mother who was a dental hygienist that quit her own practice of dentistry to be my mom but never lost her love of the profession. I had great friends and examples that encouraged my education and dreams. My college years allowed me to pursue my love and amazement of the human body, the relationships of loving people, and the environment that surrounds us.

I chose to specialize in pediatric dentistry because I get to be involved with children all day long and help them to grow and be healthy.

We invite and encourage parents to be involved in this process and try to teach families a better way of life. Sure, times can be very challenging, but I have resolved that a tender heart, kindness, and compassion help to make friends and better patients as opposed to being a mean or scary authoritarian that forces children to behave because of fear. We get to work with the greatest clientele in the world and even when things get tough, they are willing to give you a fist bump or a hug when we finish our work.

I love the outdoors and participate in many outdoor sporting and recreational activities. I love to run and challenge my mind and body with endurance races. I have completed over 100 marathons or ultra-marathons and this is my guilty pleasure after a hard day of work. I have a long affiliation with Boy Scouting and love to teach youth, for in them is where our future lies.

My greatest job in life is being a dad. I have 4 children and the most wonderful wife, who supports my craziness. I am a very blessed man, and I thank you for considering our practice as you look for a dental professional to take care of your precious children.


Kevin R. Markham, DDS

Pediatric dentistry is the best job in the whole world. With the specialty of pediatric dentistry, we are able to use new, state-of-the-art and “tried and true” techniques to provide a dental environment that children can thrive in. I love the emphasis that is placed on child growth and development. Each child is special with individual needs. This makes for a vibrant, stimulating, and rewarding environment to practice the art and science of pediatric dental medicine.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in 1982, my Doctor of Dental Medicine from Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University in 1987, and my pediatric dental specialty training from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1989.

Outside of dentistry, most of my interests are located out of doors. Utah provides a wealth of incredible recreational activities. Winter brings skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Utah and Canada. In the spring and fall, I love to explore Utah canyons, both on motorcycles and hiking to remote canyon areas. Summer finds me boating the Utah lakes with my children and grandchildren. I also love tending to my garden and vineyard.

I’m grateful to our patients and staff and want to publicly thank everyone who has made Provo Pediatric Dentistry such a great place for oral care for the parents and the children (yes, even the teenagers!). My talented partner, our very competent staff of pediatric assistants, and I wish you all the best and welcome you to our practice. You are the best!


Meet Our Team
Our talented and hard-working dental team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of pediatric dentistry. Check back soon for more details about the Provo Pediatric Dentistry dental team.

Is from Mapleton Utah, she is Dr. Lund’s daughter and has an older brother and a younger brother, along with a twin sister. She married Ty in March, 2017, and loves working with him. She enjoys finding any excuse to be outdoors, and enjoys hanging around family and friends. She loves talking to all the patients and enjoys getting to know the patients and their families.

Grew up in Los Angeles, California. He is the oldest of 4 and has two little sisters, a little brother, and some pretty cool parents. He is Dr. Lund’s son-in-law and is married to Baylee. He loves to play and watch sports. He is a laid-back guy and loves to laugh. He wants to be an orthodontist, and likes the opportunities he has to grow and learn in this office.

Is from Provo Utah, she has 3 brothers, 1 younger and 2 older. She loves dancing, and has danced with the BYU Youth Ballroom Team. Emily enjoys skiing, playing sports, and traveling around the world. She loves to be with kids, and enjoys working with the doctors here at Provo Pediatric Dental.

Has lived in Seattle, Washington, and Draper. Tara is the youngest in her family and has 2 older brothers. She loves basketball, rock climbing, brushing teeth, snowboarding, wakeboarding and just having fun. Tara REALLY likes teeth and wants to become a dentist!

Has lived in Mapleton, Utah her whole life. She has an older brother, a younger brother and two little sisters. Jacie loves golfing and longboarding, along with working out, snowboarding, shopping, and making people laugh. She loves working with the kids and enjoys being in the fun environment.

Beth Ann
Is from Orem, Utah and she has just one younger brother. Some of her hobbies are tennis, skiing, running, traveling, reading, sewing, and golfing. Beth loves the dental field, and wants to be a dental hygienist. She loves working with the kids, and does her best to make them feel comfortable.

Was born in California, and currently lives in Orem, Utah. She has 5 brothers, 5 step siblings, a cat named Poodis and a dog named Millie. She likes playing soccer, shopping, and hanging out with friends. She loves helping the kids, and enjoys working alongside the amazing dentists!